University Education Canada

The education system in Canada has high standards. Universities often rank high in world rankings. Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs are available. Study in Canada is usually in English or French. Language requirements may vary depending on the program and university. Although many programs are offered in English, language proficiency is often required of students.

Application and Admission Requirements in Canada

Each university has its own application process and admission requirements. Generally, a high school diploma is needed to apply for undergraduate programs and a bachelor's degree is needed to apply for master's programs. In addition, language proficiency exams (IELTS, TOEFL) and sometimes admission exams may be required.

Visa and Permits

International students studying in Canada must obtain a student visa. You can visit Canada's official immigration and citizenship website for information on visa application and permits.


Study costs in Canada vary depending on the university and program. Living expenses are also included. It is important to evaluate costs and scholarship opportunities before studying in Canada.

Consulting Services

If you want to study university and master's degree in Canada, you should first do research, understand the application process and requirements, and benefit from consultancy services. As Veritas, we are with you in your process. Your dreams are very important to us.