IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is the abbreviation of International General Certificate of Primary Education. IGCSE is an international education program offered to secondary school students in many countries around the world. This program is offered in English and aims to provide students with a general education in a variety of subjects. IGCSE is developed and managed by the University of Cambridge.

The IGCSE program offers students a wide range of subjects and gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills by taking courses in a variety of areas. The aim of this program is to provide students with a qualification that is valid worldwide. IGCSE exams are generally administered to students aged 14-16 and can help students progress to further study programs such as A-levels or the IB (International Baccalaureate).
IGCSE certificate is recognized by many universities and employers and accepted in many countries around the world. Therefore, students who complete the IGCSE program can prove that they have received an international education. IGCSE exams evaluate students' general knowledge levels through lectures and exams, and those who are successful are awarded a certificate.

IGCSE program is offered in many countries and schools around the world. Although this program is widely available, especially in English-speaking countries, it is also offered at international schools and language schools in many countries. Schools and educational institutions in some countries with an IGCSE program include:
United Kingdom: IGCSE is widely used in schools in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
Singapore: IGCSE is offered in many schools and educational institutions in Singapore.
India: In India, there are many international schools and schools offering IGCSE program beyond CBSE or ICSE schools.
United States: Some private and international schools in the United States offer the IGCSE program.
Canada: There are also schools offering the IGCSE program in Canada.
Australia: Some Australian schools also offer the IGCSE programme.
Middle East and Asian countries: International schools in many countries in the Middle East and Asia use the IGCSE program.
African countries: There are also schools in some African countries that offer the IGCSE program.

Schools and educational institutions offering the IGCSE program may change constantly, so it is useful to check the IGCSE official website or regional education authorities to identify local schools or institutions offering the programme.
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