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We are the institution that sends the most students from Turkey to Bocconi University; the secret of our success is that we prepare our students. Many students think that the entrance to Bocconi is difficult. If you have a good GPA, you can enter Bocconi University by writing application letters that meet the expectations of Bocconi University.

It is our institution that popularized Bocconi University in Turkey. Our methods include studying. Preparing students for the standards of Bocconi University.
Bocconi Test-Alpha Test

Many students prepare only with the Bocconi Test (Alpha Test). But this is the wrong strategy. Yes, it can be taken. Instead, we recommend the ACT or SAT, which are similar. But the Alpha test is an option for those who want to take it after the summer school in Milan or for those who leave it to the last moment before applying. You can prepare for the Bocconi exam with our Alpha tests and Alpha practice tests.

We apply these tests in Turkey. We conduct mock exams. They are exams that measure mathematical intelligence on decision support. Effective preparation for the Bocconi exam with our Alpha Tests.

Bocconi SAT -ACT - AP Economy - SAT Subjects Math

As we have already mentioned, Bocconi is not a Bocconi, but our recommendation is still SAT or ACT because you have three or four exams. However, a single failure in the Bocconi exam will close the doors of Bocconi to you. That's why we recommend SAT - ACT exams. In addition, education at BOCCONI is math-oriented. SAT Subject Math and AP Economics courses will increase your chances at BOCCONI. If you are an IB student, you can enter Bocconi with a low average. But if you take SAT or ACT, your chances of getting into Bocconi are almost very high.
24 Lesson 7 Exam
Bogazici 1996 graduate
ODTU 1994 graduate
ODTU 2010 graduate
Boğaziçi 2010 graduate
24 Lesson
Bogazici 1996 graduate
ODTU 1994 graduate
ODTU 2010 graduate
Boğaziçi 2010 graduate

SAT Study Program Time SAT English SAT Math
SAT Group Upper Level (1400+) 30 Lessons 20 Lessons 10 Lessons
SAT Group (Beginners-Group) 40 Time 20 Time 20 Time
SAT HARD English (Beginners -Group-) 40 Time 40 Time
SAT Math (Beginners Group) 40 Time 40 Time
How to Take the Bocconi Exam?

Bachelor's degree programs at Bocconi University are 3 years, except for the World Bachelor in Business (4 years). For admission, you must pass the SAT, ATC exam or an exam administered by Bocconi University consisting of tests such as logic, mathematics and general aptitude.

What is the Bocconi Test?

The Bocconi Test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions in 4 different areas and lasts 75 minutes in total. This test, which consists of math, logic and reasoning questions, measures the reasoning and problem solving skills of the candidates.

What is the Bocconi Test Content?

The structure of the test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions from 4 different domains.
  1. Reading Comprehension: 50
  2. Logic: 15 Questions
  3. Mathematics: 15 Questions
  4. Numerical Logic: 7

How is the Bocconi Test scored?

In the Bocconi Test, candidates are given 75 minutes to answer 50 questions.
In the Bocconi Test, each correct question costs 1 point and each incorrect question costs 0.2 points.
Blank and unanswered questions do not cause any loss.

Where is the Bocconi Test Conducted?

International students used to be able to take the Bocconi Test in Milan, Rome or Shanghai, but with the pandemic, the Bocconi Tests are now available online.

How to prepare for the Bocconi Test ?

You can easily reach your dreams at Bocconi University by choosing Veritas Academy in the Bocconi Test preparation process.We provide the necessary preparation documents in electronic and printed media during the Bocconi Test preparation process and we follow the development of our students with the trial exams we conduct.We organize preparation courses for candidates who are considering taking the Bocconi Test. You can participate in our Bocconi Test preparation courses, which are taught one-to-one in English and Italian according to the preferences of our prospective students.

Study in Italy Part 1 -Bocconi Admissions

A short and concise explanation of the Bocconi application process. Do not give up and apply. In your application letters, talk about your ambitions and ambitions for business life rather than literature. Your leadership qualities Write about Turkey's position and your business plans for our region. Question the opportunities that Bocconi will give you in this field. Then write your application letter. Is it enough to be very successful in Bocconi applications, SAT, AP, IB, A Level or Letter?

Veritas Academy How I Succeeded Webinars 2023: İpek Erkaya - Bocconi University

Our esteemed student İpek Erkaya shared her story of entering Bocconi University, how she prepared and her advice with you.Our How I Succeeded Webinar series will continue. By subscribing to our channel, you can watch our students' experiences without missing them.Veritas Academy

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