IGCSE Biology (International General Certificate of Secondary Education Biology) is an introduction to the science of biology and aims to provide students with an understanding of living organisms and the natural world.
It is usually aimed at students aged 14-16.

Course Content

  • Cell Biology
  • Nucleus Genetics
  • Organisms and their Environment
  • Human Physiology
  • Plant Biology
  • Acids and Bases
  • Various Living Things and Ecosystems

Exams and Assessment

IGCSE Biology is assessed through written exams and examinations based on laboratory experiments. Students demonstrate their ability to understand and apply biology topics through examinations.
Laboratory experiments are used to assess students' practical skills.

IGCSE Biology is offered at two levels: "Intermediate Level" and "Higher Level". The Intermediate Level covers basic biology topics and the Higher Level covers more advanced biology topics. Students should consider their biology abilities and goals when deciding which level to choose.
IGCSE Biology course helps students gain knowledge of biology and develop an understanding of the natural world. It also aims to develop analytical thinking, observation and practical skills.
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