SL/HL aims to enable students to see the works of Turkish and world literatures and to evaluate these works written in different periods and in different genres from a literary point of view. The most important goal of the course is to enable students to analyze the works they read in depth and to make inferences about the work.

As Veritas Academy, our priority in IB Turkish lessons is to improve students' oral and written expression skills. We support students to get the highest scores in terms of GPA and IB Grade. We want them to perceive Turkish as the language of science and to be able to express themselves by using all the subtleties of the language without memorizing it. In this direction, you can request support for Pre IB, Paper 1, Paper 2, IO, IA and EE and contact us for more information.

IB Turkish Examiner Teacher Course: Lessons are taught by Examiner teachers. These lessons are free of charge. The course materials are different and change every year. Our specialized teachers are experienced teachers who always keep themselves up to date.
IB Turkish Study Courses: These lessons are one-to-one and free of charge. These are private lessons that we plan for review after the lesson you take from an expert IB teacher. It is very useful in terms of subject repetition. You can also take courses such as TYT-AYT Turkish lessons free of charge in our study courses.
IB Turkish Assignments Project - IA and Extended Essay Courses: Meet Turkey's most expert team for all assignments and projects related to IB Turkish. We claim to be the best. As in all IB project courses, our work in IB Turkish projects is done in three summary stages;
Recognizing the student and finding a relevant topic. This is a critical detail.
Teaching step. We develop IB Turkish projects by teaching them to the student.We never do your homework, we only help you learn and guide you.
Feedback.Cross Evaluation. We check the project by our IB Turkish Examiner teacher team and eliminate the deficiencies. Our teachers are specialized teachers who have worked in the most distinguished IB schools in Turkey and the world.
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