Veritas AP History Lessons

Veritas AP History courses have been offered since 2008. The teachers of our AP History courses are Columbia and Bogazici graduates. AP History courses are three separate exams, AP European History, AP World History and AP US History. You can take one of the three.

Why Take AP History Exams?

AP (Advanced Placement) : It is a course that students who prefer departments such as History, Law or Sociology should take. Students who do not prefer departments such as History, Law can also take it. However, these students must first take at least 3 AP exams for the departments they want to go to. Then, if they take one of the AP Histories, they will reach the AP diploma level. This gives them a significant advantage. To give an idea, a student applying to the USA for engineering will have a great advantage if he/she takes AP US History after completing AP courses related to his/her department.
Why Veritas AP History Courses are Successful?
AP History Courses : Our AP lessons are 90 minutes. We finish our AP History lessons until March and solve 20 AP History practice exams.

How to Prepare "AP History"? What to Do?

We are starting a new series with Veritas Academy. In this series, we talk about AP History details with our Social Sciences teacher Kaan Turgutözer.

Lesson Video Series | AP US HISTORY: JEFFERSON Era & 19th Century

Veritas Academy is a private educational institution that provides professional services to all its students in a wide area, including domestic and international. In addition to its branches in Ataşehir, Caddebostan and Etiler, Veritas Academy also provides training and consultancy services online.

"AP History" Veritas Academy, What is AP History with Kaan Turgutözer?

In this broadcast, we talk about "AP History" with our Social Sciences Teacher Kaan Turgutözer. Have a good time.

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