Veritas AP Economics Lessons

Veritas AP Economics courses have been given since 2006. AP Economics course is a course that needs to be handled extremely carefully and carefully. The reason for this is not enough to learn. You also need to express what you have learned correctly.AP economics is two different courses as macro and micro economics. That's why we chose our teachers from university academics. Our students work to get 5 in both of these exams.

We have chosen the teachers of our AP economics courses very carefully. Because the majority of our students come from Robert, Hisar, Üsküdar American schools. The goal of our students is to get 5 out of 5. Our teachers were chosen for this purpose. One of our teachers is an Associate Professor at Istanbul University. The other teacher completed his doctorate at Sabancı University. He is a graduate of Boğaziçi University.

Why Take AP Economics Exams?
AP (Advanced Placement) : It is a course especially sought after for Business Administration or Economics departments. It is a course especially sought after by students who want scholarship education or those whose target is the top 50 universities in the USA, those who want to skip the preparatory classes in England, the most elite departments of most countries such as the Netherlands and Italy. In addition, those who aim for engineering can take it in high school 1 or high school 2. But remember, if you get a 5 in AP Economics. This situation is valid.
Why Veritas AP Economics Lessons are Successful?

AP Economics Lessons: It is a course that students who prefer departments such as Medicine, Biomedical, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biology and Neurosciences should take. The emphasis on organic chemistry is very necessary for those who prefer medical school.

Our AP classes are 90 minutes long. In addition, our teachers are experts. However, for success, it is still recommended that the subjects are completed by March at the latest, and then our students are recommended to take at least 20 practice exams from more than 50 AP Macro and AP micro economics exams.

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