Veritas AP Statistics Lessons

AP statistics course is given in Veritas, but it is also given as a course in Robert, Hisar  and Üsküdar American High Schools in our country. But you can also take this course by preparing from outside. AP statistics is one of the most demanded courses especially by departments such as business administration and social sciences.  Veritas AP statistics courses consist of 90 minutes. It is given by expert teachers.

What is AP Statistics? AP Statistics exam content and what you need to know about it:
AP Statistics exam is a test first administered by the College Board in 1997 in which students score out of 5. It is taken for college admission or early credit. Most schools accept a score of 4 or 5. A small number of schools consider a score of 3 to be sufficient. In 2006, about 60% of respondents scored above 3 points.

How is the AP Statistics exam format?

Part I:
Multiple Choice 40 questions, 90 minutes (50% of the exam score)
Part II:
A. 5 questions with free answers, 60-65 minutes, B. Research task, writing a 25-30 minute essay.

The use of a graphing calculator is free in all sections. A document with general formulas and necessary tables will be provided to the student.

What topics does the AP Statistics exam cover?

The exam covers 4 main topics.

I. Exploring Data, 20%-30% of the exam Graphical representation, summarization and comparison of univariate data distributions, Analysis of bivariate data and analysis of categorical data
II. Sampling and Experimentation, 10%-15% of the exam Data collection methods, planning surveys, conducting experiments and generalizing results
III. Probability and Random Variables, 20%-30% of the exam Probability calculations and combining random variables
IV. Statistical Inference, 30%-40% of the exam Estimation and hypothesis testing
AP Statistics Exam This exam is a three-hour exam, with 90 minutes in the first part for the 40-question test questions. Time is not a problem in this exam. But the readings and comprehension are really difficult. In part 2 you have to answer open-ended questions (free-response questions). There are between 4 and 7 open-ended questions. You have to answer them in 90 minutes. The most important part here is the research evaluation question.
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