Frequently Asked Questions

Our classes are scheduled for 1.5 hours (90 minutes). Additionally, our institution provides classes throughout 7 days from 09:00 to 22:30.

Classes can be planned either online or in-person. Additionally, we offer both one-on-one (online/in-person) and group class (online) options.

Course schedules are provided individually for each student through a WhatsApp group. The group includes students, parents, and the branch's staff members. No other parents, students, or instructors are included in this group.

Veritas Academy provides assistance with over 30 programs, including IB, AP, SAT, IELTS, etc. Additionally, we offer consultancy services for top universities worldwide. Students have the flexibility to sign up for either one or both services based on their individual needs.

Veritas Academy's teacher roster consists of lecturers who have graduated from top universities and have proved their abilities through the results of their students. We also place great importance on teacher-student synergy. After their first lesson, each student is given an evaluation survey, which is used to determine if there's a lack of synergy between the teacher and the student. This way, we aim to ensure %100 satisfaction and productivity.

Veritas Academy produces a special schedule for each student, tailored to the student's needs. Unless otherwise requested by the student or the family, we do not offer 'lesson packs'. However, our teachers, upon evaluating the student in terms of his/her performance on SAT, IELTS etc. may make a suggestion on how many lessons the student would need.

Veritas Academy provides the same service at all of its branches. Our teachers offer lessons at all branches; thus, there's no difference in quality of service between any of them. You may choose the branch closest to you without hesitation.

Traffic can often cost students time. This is why our teachers are equipped with all the technology necessary to conduct the lessons through Zoom, Discord etc. Furthermore, they can share resources with the students via the dashboard. This way, there's no discrepancy between online and regular lessons. In addition, students may save more time which they can use to study.

Veritas Academy offers group lessons for exams such as AP, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL. Group lessons are usually done online, with between 3-10 students. Students who don't want private lessons can participate in group lessons.

We first prepare a list of documents the student needs to prepare. Over the course of several meetings, we prepare and agree upon a list of schools that are the most appropriate for the student. Then, we prepare a CV(resume), along with a motivation letter. The next step is to register the student on school application portals. We also apply for scholarships where applicable. Lastly, we regularly check e-mails from the schools for acceptance letters, seeing the process through to its end.

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