IGCSE Physics (International General Certificate of Secondary Education Physics) is a program that teaches basic physics topics and gives students the ability to understand the physical world.
This course is usually aimed at students aged 14-16 and helps them understand and apply basic physics principles.

Course Content

  • Force and Motion
  • Energy, Work and Power
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Thermal Physics
  • Wave and Sound
  • Core Physics

Exams and Assessment

IGCSE Physics is assessed through written examinations and tests based on experiments. Students demonstrate their ability to understand and apply physics topics through examinations.In addition, laboratory experiments and observations are used to assess students' practical skills.

IGCSE Physics is offered at two levels: "Intermediate Level" and "Higher Level". The Intermediate Level covers basic physics topics, while the Higher Level covers more advanced physics topics. Students should consider their math and physics abilities when deciding which level to choose.

IGCSE Physics course provides students with a foundation for understanding and applying basic physics principles. It also aims to develop analytical thinking, problem solving and practical skills.
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