Veritas AP Physics courses have been offered since 2006. AP Physics Courses AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2 and AP Physics C Electricity or AP Physics C Mechanics Exams preparation courses are available. Our AP Teachers have experience at Robert, Hisar, Üsküdar American schools that provide AP education. AP courses are taught by expert (AP examiner) teachers.

Why Take AP Physics Exams?

AP(Advanced Placement) : It is a course that students who prefer Engineering departments should take. Also, let's say AP Physics C Mechanics is a course that should be taken for Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering. AP Physics C Electricity is the exam that students who aim for departments such as Computer and Electrical Engineering should take. The teachers you take in AP Physics courses should know the AP Physics lab environments and curriculum very well.

Why Veritas AP Physics Courses are Successful?

AP Physics Courses : Our AP lessons are 90 minutes. When necessary, our +90 studies (1-1 private lessons and free of charge) continue.

Important Note: For AP Physics, we offer private classes if you come with your friends and you can benefit from discounts on course fees!

Veritas Academy, AP Physics Talks with Gökhan Teacher!

In this broadcast we talk about Ap Physics with our teacher Gökhan Serbest.

Lecture Videos Series | AP Physics (C - Mechanics)

We are here with the AP Physics course.
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