UCL (University College London) ve Burs(lar)

1. UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship
This scholarship is provided to support students from low-income backgrounds in continuing their undergraduate studies at UCL. It can be considered as a non-repayable need-based loan.
Selection Criteria
  1. It is intended for UK citizens and/or international undergraduate students.
  2. Students must be full-time and active students during the application, assessment, and post-application periods.
  3. Not only does the scholarship cover the entire tuition fee for 10 recipients, but it also provides a stipend. The tuition fee for 20 recipients is fully covered.
How to Apply?
  1. Log in to Portico (a platform students can use once officially enrolled in the school).
  2. Click the "Show" button and select the "Active Application" option.
  3. Click on "Funding" on the application screen.
  4. Now you are on the funding page. To find out which funds are available for application and selectable for applying, click on "Check and Apply" located under "Available Funds."
  5. You can apply for the scholarship you are interested in by clicking on its name.
Important Note: The application deadline for this scholarship for the year 2023 was Monday, April 24, 2023, at 5:00 PM (British Summer Time). Those who are awarded the scholarship have been announced at the beginning of June 2023.
When to Apply
Application deadlines are specified on the funding scheme page or in the application form. If the application dates are not announced, contact "Student Funding" for information.
Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
https: //www.ucl.ac.uk/scholarships/ucl-global-undergraduate-scholarship
(August 14, 2023)

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