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There are currently 5 scholarships/graduation scholarships:

1) Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust Undergraduate Scholarship

About the Award

Level: Undergraduate

Lesson: Any full-time course

Country: United Kingdom

Number of Awards: Variable

Who Can Apply?

To apply:

You must be resident in the UK. You must be studying a full-time undergraduate degree at a recognized UK university. You must be the child, spouse, widow or widower of a commercial traveler, pharmacist or grocer. Before you apply, you should check to see if you are eligible by reading the detailed eligibility guide on the Trust's website. However, the amount you will receive depends on your financial need and the total amount of funds the Trust has available to distribute each year.

For what purposes can the undergraduate scholarship be used?

You can use the undergraduate scholarship for any reasonable costs associated with going to university, which may include tuition fees, accommodation costs, living expenses or equipment to help you study.

Are scholarships paid directly to applicants?

No - If your application is successful, QMUL will take the scholarship on your behalf and transfer the money to you.

2) Queen Mary Global Excellence Scholarships (Undergraduate)

About the Award

Level: License

Program: Faculty of Science and Engineering undergraduate programs

Country: Abroad

Number of Awards: Unlimited

High-Caliber Global Excellence Fellowships, They are offered for undergraduate students starting with an A*AA (or international equivalent) GPA in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. These scholarships aim to attract the most talented students from around the world. These scholarships are for overseas students. Other scholarships are also available for Home/European Union students.

How to Apply?

Queen Mary Global Excellence Scholarship you do not need to complete a separate application form. Students will be considered for an award based on the information they provide in their UCAS or online application to Queen Mary. Successful applicants will find out about their award through the application portal. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must indicate Queen Mary as your firm preference through UCAS. Those who enter through clearing or who select it as their insurance preference will not be eligible for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. You must have achieved A*AA grades at A-Level equivalent.
  2. You will be eligible if you are paying full tuition fees (i.e. you have not received another scholarship).
  3. You must be enrolled in Year 1 (i.e. transfers or advanced entries to Year 2 are not eligible).
  4. This program is only available to students applying and enrolling in courses offered by the Faculty of Science and Engineering in the 2023/24 academic year. Joint course eligibility is explained at the bottom of this page. Students who decide to defer their place to a future semester may risk losing their scholarship.
  5. This is a one-off award paid in your first year. You must be able to finance the rest of your tuition fees and living costs.
  6. If you are currently following the Queen Mary International Science and Engineering Foundation Program (ISEFP), you will be considered for a scholarship if you achieve above 80% in your foundation year.
  7. Students following the Science and Engineering Foundation Program are not eligible for the Global Excellence Scholarship during their foundation year or as they progress to Year 1. Students following non-Queen Mary foundation programs should contact the admissions office regarding eligibility.
  8. You must select Queen Mary as your final choice. Those who enter by clearing or name Queen Mary as their insurance choice are not eligible for this prize.
3) Queen Mary University of London Bursary

About the Award

Level: Undergraduate

Program: All of them

Country: United Kingdom

Number of Awards: Unlimited

Queen Mary Scholarship Application

You do not need to make a separate application for the Queen Mary Bursary. To receive the Queen Mary Bursary you must have applied to your regional student finance authority for the UK government's income assessed financial support for higher education students. You do not need to take out a loan to be income assessed, enter "£0" if you do not wish to take out a loan when completing the funding application. If you are applying for student support for the first time, you need to make sure that your regional student finance authority has verified your details, completed your financial assessment and verified this information with you and the Student Loans Company. If your student finance assessment is still provisional, please contact student finance to find out why.

4) Science and Engineering Broad Participation Scholarships (Undergraduate)


Level: Undergraduate

Program: Undergraduate programs offered across the faculty (review exceptions below)

Country: Home

Number of Awards: 5

Science and Engineering Broad Participation Scholarship is a scholarship that aims to provide support in accessing a high quality education to students from a variety of backgrounds, including students from areas with low participation rates in higher education or from backgrounds that lack social or financial privilege. This scholarship aims to offer ongoing support to students who participate in Queen Mary's promotional activities before applying to the university.

How to Apply?

Science and Engineering Broad Participation Scholarship Applications are currently open and can be found here. Students will be evaluated based on the information provided in the online application form. Successful applicants will be rewarded via email notification sent by the faculty of science and engineering.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Students must be eligible to pay Local tuition fees set by Student Finance England or equivalent funding body;
  2. Students must pay full tuition fees (no other scholarships);
  3. Students must enroll in year 1 (no transfer or advanced entry to year 2);
  4. This is a one-off payment in your first year. You must be able to finance the rest of your tuition fees and living costs;
  5. Students are required to select Queen Mary as their Definite Preference on UCAS;
  6. Students are required to enter Queen Mary for the first time;
  7. Students must have participated in at least one Queen Mary external event;
  8. Students are required to fill in the application form (which will be available on this page when the applications open).

In addition, students must meet 2 of the following criteria:

  1. Residing in a POLAR4 Quintile 1 postcode or residing in a high poverty area (defined as IMD Quintile 1 or 2);
  2. Parents/guardians did not go to university;
  3. You were previously entitled to free school meals or are currently entitled to free school meals;
  4. If you have a disability, you are required to register with the QMUL Disability and Dyslexia Service if you are eligible.
  5. Having lived in the past or present in terms of local authority.

Inappropriate programs

Some programs are taught partly in the Faculty of Science & Engineering and partly in other schools. The co-taught programs listed below are not eligible for the Science & Engineering Widening Participation Scholarship:

  1. BSc(Eng) Telecommunications Engineering with Management -BUPT
  2. BSc(Eng) e-Commerce Engineering with Law -BUPT
  3. BSc(Eng) Internet of Things Engineering -BUPT
  4. BSc Computer Science with Management (ITMB)
  5. BSc Biomedical Sciences (with Nanchang)
  6. BSc Mathematics with Finance and Accounting
  7. BSc Maths, Stats and Financial Economics
  8. BSc Mathematics with Management
  9. BEng Mechanical Engineering with Management
  10. BEng Aerospace Engineering with Management
  11. BEng Biomedical Engineering with Management
  12. BSc Neuroscience
  13. BSc Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics
  14. BSc Biomedical Sciences
5) William Spilsbury Scholarship


Level: Undergraduate

Program: Humanities and Social Sciences or Science and Engineering Faculties

Country: United Kingdom

Number of Awards: 4

Eligibility criteria

  1. You enrolled in September 2023 and should be in the first year of your course
  2. You must be a permanent resident of the City of London, Tower Hamlets, Newham or Hackney and have lived there for at least three years
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